Sunday July 2nd, 2023


11:30 a.m. Arrive at CL City Hall parking lot to set-up & decorate flatbed truck.
12:30 p.m. Band rehearsal on flatbed to rehearse 3 tunes we will be playing. Judging for Parade Best Band participant awards.
1:00 p.m. Parade begins. We are Unit #51. (100+ units in parade)
The flatbed truck will be located in the CL City Hall parking lot on Woodstock Street. Band member parking is available at the Metra commuter train lots. You will need to walk across street from train lot to the City Hall parking lot (Woodstock Street will be closed to local traffic, so participants cannot be dropped off in front of the building.)

ATTIRE: Black, Blue or Khaki color pants or shorts, white or red band shirt (for those of us old timers who still have a red band shirt). You may also wear any white or red polo shirt. Be sure to bring sunblock, hat, sunglasses, water, sun umbrella, raingear, lunch snacks, etc. as needed. Since it will be hot please bring lots of your own water. The parade steps off rain or shine. (We will have some downtime between decorating/ rehearsing, before parade starts during which you will need to stay on or near flatbed. (feel free to find shady area near flatbed to relax).

MUSIC: March #1: Billboard, March #2: Washington Post, Grandstand: Stars & Stripes (last strain). I will distribute music to you at rehearsal on 6/27/23.
Be sure to bring a sturdy music stand to hold your music. There should be enough space on flatbed for stands- share stands where possible. You can also use a music lyre. (Secure music to stand with clothes pins, plexi glass, plastic sleeves, etc.) Remember to bring your parade music with you!
The parade route ends at South Grade School. Remain on flatbed, and driver will immediately return us to the City Hall parking lot. (Approx. 3:00 p.m.)


CONCERT (CL Main Beach Bandstage)
5:00 p.m. Stage set-up. (1-2 people from each section)
6:15 p.m. Arrive and prepare for band warm-up.
7:00 p.m. Begin Set #1 of concert.
7:45 p.m. Break. Quickly & orderly exit stage. Voices in Harmony will enter stage and perform during our break. (You can rest quietly behind band stage during break or sit in audience and enjoy Choir’s performance.
8:20 p.m. Quickly enter stage.
8:25 p.m. Begin set #2 of concert. (starting with Combined Choir songs)
9:30 p.m. Fireworks (approximate time)
9:45 p.m. Take Down following fireworks.

ATTIRE: Black pants, skirts, shorts, white band shirts. If you do not have a white band shirt, you may wear any short sleeved white shirt. (Remember to bring your sunglasses, sun hat, mosquito repellant, rain gear and plenty of water!) Since we will be playing after dark, please bring battery stand light if you have one. Stage lighting will not reach all sections.

PARKING: Concert parking is available at Park District Main Beach lot (which is expected to be full by evening). Overflow parking will be available near Lakeside Festival site, or near South Grade School and Lundahl Middle School. Allow plenty of time to walk from parking area to band stage!!! (Also parking across Rt 14 where available and walking down Dole Ave to Main Beach is another option).

PARK ENTRANCE WRISTBANDS: Each Band member and their family members will need a park entrance wristband to present to Main Beach gate personnel in order to receive free entrance. If you do not have a wristband it will cost $5.00 each to enter park. Wristbands will be distributed to each band member at rehearsal on 6/27/23. If you do not receive your wristband on 6/27/23, contact your Section Coordinator or Susan Sijersen prior to July 2nd to arrange pick up.

WEATHER: In case of inclement weather, please call the band phone 815- 679-BAND (2263) after 4:30 p.m., or check your email, text, CLCB Facebook or CLCB website. We will update information as available.



The Crystal Lake Community Band (CLCB) has developed the following written Covid-19 Safety Plan for implementation at Tuesday night rehearsals at Cary-Grove High School band room as part of their Facility Rental Application. All items addressed in this Plan are in compliance with applicable public health guidance and District #155 rules and policies related to health and safety. This Plan may need to be updated at any time as necessary to reflect changes in subsequent guidance from state, local or federal officials.

Self Certification Process
All members of CLCB attending rehearsals will enter Cary-Grove High School through the main entrance and stop at the screening table located in the school Lobby outside the band room. There will be an authorized CLCB member at the table to screen each person before they enter the band room. Each person will answer several questions (refer to attachment A), self-certifying that he/she does not have a temperature or any known symptoms of Covid-19.

All CLCB members have been advised to stay home from rehearsals if they are not feeling well and/or are experiencing any Covid-19 related symptoms.

Capacity/Social Distancing/PPE
The following protocols are in compliance with Illinois Department of Public Health guidelines, based on the latest science from current aerosol studies and best practices for preventing Covid-19 transmission among those engaged in playing musical instruments.
A maximum of 60 musicians will be allowed in the band room for each rehearsal in order to maintain a minimum physical distance of 3 feet between each musician while playing, regardless of vaccination status. Each musician will use individual music stands and music folders to accommodate this distance.
CLCB members will be required to wear face masks in all areas of the school building regardless of vaccination status. Once seated in the band room, musicians playing woodwind or brass instruments will pull down their mask while playing the instrument, then replace the mask over their nose and mouth when not playing during long rest measures and in between rehearsal songs. All instruments will be required to use bell covers. Percussionists will wear their face masks for the duration of the rehearsal.
At each rehearsal, CLCB will rehearse for 50 minutes, then take a 10 minute break for members to leave band room to use restrooms and to allow for appropriate air exchange. All members will wear face masks and maintain 6 feet social distancing during break. Band will then resume after break and rehearse for another 50 minutes.

Alcohol based hand sanitizer will be available for each person’s use prior to rehearsal before entering the band room, and after rehearsal as they exit the building.
Condensation from brass instruments should not drip on floor. Musicians will use an absorbent towel or puppy pad to catch condensation and will properly store used towel or dispose of the pad after each rehearsal.
Disinfectant wipes will be available in band room for each person’s use to disinfect individual music stands before and after use.

Contact Tracing
CLCB will maintain a permanent seating chart document of all members by section, to use as reference if needed for contact tracing. CLCB will also maintain attendance record documents for each rehearsal. Per IDPH music guidelines, for purposes of determining notification or possible quarantine after exposure to a confirmed case, close contacts are defined as those within 6 feet when unmasked.
CLCB agrees it will be responsible for all necessary contact tracing and will coordinate with the McHenry County Health Department as required if a rehearsal participant has a positive or suspected case of Covid-19. CLCB Primary Contact for coordinating and conducting contact tracing will be the Band Manager:
Susan Sijersen or use the secured directory for direct email / phone.
Any CLCB member who has a confirmed positive case or a possible exposure to Covid-19 will notify the Band Manager immediately. The Band Manager will discuss with the member the circumstances and applicable timeline in order to determine if there was any risk of exposure to other band members within close contact (as defined above). If it is determined there was a potential exposure, the Band Manager will contact the applicable band members to notify them.



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SCRIPT Presentation SCRIP Fundraising Presentation

• The Crystal Lake Community Band currently raises all of its own operating income
• We pay for director fees, space rental (performance and rehearsal), music, equipment, insurance, and student grants.
• We do this through member fees, concert ticket sales, grants, donations and fund raising. Fund raising a is an essential portion of our annual budget!

People in the band are familiar with the Scrip concept because of our previous participation in Manna gift cards.
• Scrip is an easy to use, low cost, and low maintenance way to raise funds.
• Band members are not required to sell anything. Families can help the band raise money by paying for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks and credit cards.
• The effort to collect money from the purchase of the cards is minimal, meaning that it is a sustainable source of income.