Band Support

Mission Statement

To provide, free to the public, outdoor Summer band concerts which contribute to the cultural expansion of the community. To provide an opportunity for individual music expression and growth among the adult musicians who make up the band’s membership.


The history of band music in the Crystal Lake, Illinois area dates back to the Crystal Lake City Band of the early 1900’s. The current Crystal Lake Community Band was established in 1984. In 1991 it was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The band was founded by a small group of amateur musicians seeking an outlet for their love of music. From the outset, the band has always sought adult members from all walks of the community.

The band boasts a roster of approximately 85 members that come from 18 different communities in Northern Illinois.

Pursuit of Excellence

The current goals of the Crystal Lake Community Band are:
• Present a minimum of ten concert performances per year
• Present music from composers ranging from Classical to Pops
• Perform for a wide reaching audience

Concerto Society

The Crystal Lake Community Band Concerto Society is a group of corporations that are assisting the ensemble through their financial support.

The goal of the Concerto Society is to ensure that the Crystal Lake Community Band can continue to provide free to the public summer music programs for the residents of the McHenry County communities served by the band.

The Crystal Lake Community Band is self-funded and relies on the members of the Concerto Society for financial assistance with operating expenses, rehearsal space rental, equipment and music purchases, guest artist fees, concert venue rental, and other expenses associated with a performing arts program.

The band’s year is divided into 3 performance seasons. Winter and Spring seasons feature the semi-annual Pops Concerts. The Summer season showcases the band’s numerous outdoor free public concerts-in-the-parks in various area communities.

Concerto Society Membership Levels
(Membership is for the period ending December 31st)
• Maestro $500+
• Director $350 to $499
• Principal $200 to $349
• Soloist $100 to $199

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Funding Details for Concerto Society